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We at PPA are very happy to see an uprising by some companies to care for their employees in a compassionate way that respects their value. With an elite few, there is a more sustainable viewpoint that the employees welfare and happiness has to be part of any successful equation in business. We, at PPA, endorse this path by supporting our staff with respectable pay, personal enhancement, bonuses, vacation, and insurance (after a short probationary period.) We believe any company is responsible to do their best, so that its foundation – its workers do well.

Yes, we have seen many small companies and conglomerates take advantage of their hard-working staff, rewarding them solely based on minimally acceptable standards, rather than the employee’s production and contribution to the overall health and well-being of the organization.

Our take on this is that we are doing as well as our employees are doing. They are part of our team. We believe in mutual respect, a group and team spirit, hard work, and of course, a job well done. Ultimately, in a service field, such as ours, respect, care and responsibility are the examples we must begin with, with the expectation that our clients are treated the same way.

This is why we have such an impeccable reputation. Working for Proactive Protection Agency carries with it the knowledge that you are the exception. You have been chosen because of your clean record and previous work ethic. We welcome you and look forward to our expansion as a team.

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