Estate Security

This type of client is a target for unwanted attention. This attention comes in a wide range of efforts. Most are not malicious, but nevertheless are unwanted. Solicitors and opportunity seekers are some of the people who often use very clever means of gaining the attention of the high net worth client, his entourage, or his immediate family.

The success of these individuals is well known. Their whereabouts are often sought out.

These types of individuals often need Estate Protection to provide safety and privacy for themselves and their family. It is for this reason that highly trained security agents are used.

The day-to-day affairs of allowing an uninterrupted lifestyle for VIP’s is the routine. However, it is well-known that there are times when having estate security has intervened and protected the estate and family from stalkers, home invasions, and other intruders.

Our role is to provide highly trained security agents, who have enough finesse and experience to work well with VIP’s and families, so that their lifestyle may be enjoyed without interruption.