Executive Protection

Proactive Protection Agency’s Executive Protection Division provides its clients with excellent service by highly-trained security professionals. We plan and implement a proactive approach, being prepared to act in anticipation of future complexities, additional needs or modifications. Many years of experience have equipped us with the know-how to analyze situations, and recommend the best approach in providing safety and peace of mind to our clients.

EP Agents

Executive-Protection-ServicesAn Executive Protection Agent is considered to be the highest level of security personnel in the private sector. These agents are generally hired to provide personal protection to high-profile, high-threat level, and high-net worth clientele. These clientele include dignitaries, corporate executives and people in the entertainment industry. We hire only the best agents for these positions.  They must test for character, manners and etiquette, intellect, and responsibility.  Then we train them according to our protocols so that they represent PPA’s standard of excellent delivery of service.  PPA’s EP agents are level-headed, and with finesse, effectively handle a variety of situations, including minimizing undesirable media attention and streamlining the logistics of the client’s daily activities.

Our agents’ training and background encompasses:

  • Threat Assessment
  • Surveillance
  • Protective Detail Operations
  • Etiquette & Professional Appearance
  • Electronic Technology
  • Firearms Training
  • Security Intelligence
  • Evasive Driving
  • Advance Procedures
  • CPR/First-Aid
  • Close-Quarter Defensive Techniques
  • Customer Service

“I solicited Allen Banks’ assistance as the lead agent and eight other security personnel that he’d selected for an event involving a celebrity interview on the Larry King Live Show. International press, fans and paparazzi had been aggressively pursuing this particular celebrity and we needed help insuring a safe arrival and departure from our building.

Mr. Banks impressed me with his professionalism and thoroughness. He was well prepared for the event, actively participated in the pre-planning stages, and assisted with the briefings. During the event, Mr. Banks effectively supervised his personnel and proved to be flexible and easy to work with when minor changes occurred during the event.

He certainly won over my confidence, and I turned to him frequently to collaborate on the most effective way to handle various situations as they arose. The operation was very successful and the personnel from the organization performed in an outstanding manner. Allen Banks performed in a clearly exceptional manner and I look forward to working with him again on future projects.”

Gordon Re Gordon Re Security Manager CNN Los Angeles Bureau