Executive Protection

Proactive Protection Agency’s Executive Protection Division provides its clients with the highest caliber service in the private sector. We plan and implement a proactive approach, being prepared to act in anticipation of future complexities, additional needs or modifications. Years of experience have equipped us with the know-how to analyze situations and recommend the best approach in providing safety and peace of mind to our clients.

EP Agents

Agents are generally hired to provide personal protection to, high-threat level, and high-net worth clientele. This clientele includes dignitaries, corporate executives, and other high net-worth individuals. We hire highly trained agents for these positions. They test for character, manners and etiquette, intellect, and responsibility.  We train them according to our protocols so that they represent PPA’s standard of excellent delivery of service.

PPA’s EP agents are level-headed, and with finesse, effectively handle a variety of situations; including minimizing undesirable media attention and streamlining the logistics of the client’s daily activities.

Our agents training and background encompass:

  • Threat Assessment
  • Surveillance
  • Counter-Surveillance
  • Protective Detail Operations
  • Etiquette & Professional Appearance
  • Electronic Technology
  • Firearms Training
  • Security Intelligence
  • Advance Procedures
  • CPR/First-Aid/AED
  • Customer Service