The Cost Equation that Equals Safety for Realtors

It’s all there.  All of the advice, all of the suggested screenings and background checks.  Great hard-wired panic button app.  Yes, the checklist for the homeowner, the checklist for the Realtor, and of course all of the physical training to avoid being the victim of the mal-intentioned “client:" … Read More»

How Effective Is Your Mobile Patrol?

How effective is your Mobile Patrol? Well, it all depends on the intent of the owners of the security company you’re contracted with. It is “The buck stops here” philosophy of responsibility. Truth is, that if the owners of a company intend on providing the best service, it will be provided. There … Read More»

Customer Service is Always Right

PPA was contracted by a private K-12 school after a viable threat was confirmed. We promptly began service. Our first order of business was to meet the administrative staff and faculty to discuss our approach, advise on what measures to implement, and what to expect from us. We answered all … Read More»

When is School Security Effective?

Although there are numerous arguments for and against school security, its effectiveness, its approach, and its harm; one thing is for sure, kids have the right to a safe and unburdened education. There is so much hysteria and confusion circling around this subject and understandably so. Our … Read More»