Active Shooter Prevention Training

My name is Allen Banks. I am the CEO and founder of Proactive Protection Agency. After Sandy Hook, more than 400 people have been shot in over 200 school shootings. The number of deaths and injuries have risen every year since 2012 when that shooting took place.

I believe the reason we have FAR too many shootings in schools is because schools do not have enough information on what to look for in PREVENTATIVE measures. I will repeat that, PEVENTATIVE measures. There is a lot of extremely valuable information available, especially with Emergency Action plans that most schools have, but we still have far too many shootings. Why? What is the missing element in preparedness?

There are known statistics that indicate that perpetrators exhibited concerning behavior prior to the attack in 93% of the incidents. Second, at least one other person had some type of knowledge of the attacker’s plan in 81% of the incidents and more than one person had such knowledge in 59% of the incidents.

This is a clear indication that warning signs have been evident and these attacks may have been avoided through training on what to look for and coordinating with others to address these warning signs.

Emergency response is undeniably crucial to limiting the potential loss in a shooting. However, once a shooting starts, It’s already in the process of happening. At this point your only option is reacting and responding to the actual shooting incident. Although in most cases fewer fatalities occur as the result of Emergency Action Plans, the fact that any occurred is unacceptable. Nine out of ten times, prior to the law enforcement arriving to respond, the shooting incident is over. The average time of a shooting incident is between 9 to 12 minutes, and the shooting incident is done.

I don’t feel people should stand back and be the effect of the loss of life of our kids in school, or our teachers and faculty members. We can’t just view these situations and say, “Well, it’s only a matter of time before another shooting incident occurs, what can we do to stop it. We can’t take an apathetic view point and feel like nothing can be done about it. There is so much information available that people have access to that they can apply, to lesson and in time stop these horrible incidents from occurring.

After years of research, and 40 years of providing protection for individuals and security in facilities, I have compiled this information to deliver in a step by step course.

Some schools have impeded an attack by using some of the concepts I provide in this course. If it can prevent a shooting incident once, it can be done again and again and again.

By implementing this program, you’ll be presenting a much safer environment for kids.

I want to share the knowledge I have to teach a preventative program that will save lives.

Please sign up now and get your threat management team ready for a safe and secure school year.