PPA was contracted by a private K-12 school after a viable threat was confirmed.

We promptly began service. Our first order of business was to meet the administrative staff and faculty to discuss our approach, advise on what measures to implement, and what to expect from us. We answered all questions and encouraged them to continue to approach us with concerns, or observations. We then did meet and greets in the classrooms.

Calm and Comforting Demeanor

Everyone on the campus knew the officer by name now, and saw that he was very friendly and approachable. We, of course, sent out an agent who was a mature and kind family man with excellent communication skills. His training and experience were very thorough in the areas needed for school security, but his demeanor was calm and comforting. We know that in the private sector, especially a school, that a militaristic demeanor is quite frightening to the students and will stifle open communication lines.

As the days went by there became an environment of camaraderie. We stayed at this particular school for an additional 2 months after the threat diminished, as it was a comfort to the parents, faculty, and of course the students.

Because of our approach, which emphasizes customer service to anyone who may be affected, our acceptance on campus was welcomed. Students often walked by the officer to “high-five” him, the officer gave the younger students stickers. There was no fear. If anything, the students liked having him there. The school, of course, was able to appease its worried parents, and the threat went away. There is a lot to be said about an officer showing up to help unite a school, rather than simply put a strong presence there.

Our Approach

We believe strongly that security works best when everyone gets on the same page. This may sound simplistic, but the truth is, that in any given school there may be several types of trouble, but the majority of any group will work together to protect its members when approached with a proactive, positive attitude. This is our approach, and we do very well with it.

To truly help on a school campus, to actually get cooperation, people need to know that there is someone there who knows what he is doing. Our claim is it is done best by showing respect to those people actually needed to do the job.

Keeping you safe,

Allen Banks