It’s all there. All of the advice, all of the suggested screenings and background checks. Great hard-wired panic button app. Yes, the checklist for the homeowner, the checklist for the Realtor, and of course all of the physical training to avoid being the victim of the mal-intentioned “client:” Pepper Spray, Mace, Tasers.

So much preparation to sell property, avoid fraud, keep property and keep owners safe. All suggested safety and background checklists for Homeowners and Realtors should be done.

I am now referring to the vulnerability of an agent with a stranger in a home, estate, or commercial property.

Well, most men and women who know how to fight back do get away from an aggressive attack.

We always ask the “what ifs?” at Proactive Protection Security, as looking over all possibilities gives us our ability to be PROACTIVE. We are able to cut to that moment when a desperate individual has enough insanity to violently attack a Realtor because he has that person in a vulnerable position. He has cleverly convinced his future victim to grant him a showing in a home or building, where no one is around, and in his mind, he is free to do what he intends to do.

When one talks about tips such as the buddy system, holding a cell phone, color coding etc., I completely agree that in some cases these can and do work. However, if it is a true psychotic, the red code warning will be too late. Unfortunately, violent crimes against Realtors have made the products for Realtors and Realtor Safety programs necessary.

Here are the two suggestions that I firmly believe in:

  1. Your instincts are to be trusted. Most survivors of violent crimes have said they felt “something” wasn’t right. Strengthen that sense, that instinct and trust it. We all have it as a survival instinct. Some will tell you that you are being paranoid. NO. You are listening to what your gut tells you. In this case. Do not go forward as planned. Cancel and do more investigation on this individual. If you insist on going, go with 2 others and a safety plan. Unfortunately, whether your investigation revealed something or not, the individual may have an unreported history, or a life incident may have thrown him off kilter and he has snapped. This happens. Don’t ignore what you yourself feel and know.
  2. Plain Clothes Armed Security, as your escort, will give you freedom and safety in an otherwise vulnerable position.

Consider these points:

  • A high-level security professional is trained to know exactly what to look for, and how to respond.
  • He knows body language, facial and eye movement, hand gestures and exactly how close a client should be in proximity to the Realtor.
  • He is courteous, unobtrusive, but alert to any warning signs that are subtle but present. This individual is trained to fit into any situation, needing manners, etiquette, and a relaxed, non-threatening way.
  • He looks like a friendly escort. He remains this way and does not scare any legitimate client.
  • However, when his own “color coding” system goes from green to yellow, all of his training comes into play. He observes, anticipates and acts.
  • Scanning of the Realtor, up and down, acting jittery, shifting eyes, looking clammy and hearing his communication becoming unfocused are some signs to trigger the agents “yellow light.”
  • Usually the predator can sense the security escort’s intensity and awareness, and knows he will be in a losing battle should he attempt his attack, and will back down.
  • If the predator does not, the Armed Private Security Agent will step in to protect his client from any intended harm.
  • By the time this occurs, his client is out of harms way, as a result of the emergency code language and evacuation plan that was set up.

With an extensive background in the private security field I’m very familiar with conducting threat assessments on many different types of protective operations. As a martial arts instructor, I also know that it takes more than acquiring a few lessons to become proficient enough to handle an unsuspected attacker. I know this to be true. I know that there are different levels of intention in a psychotic person. A sexual predator may show his cowardice when a buddy system is implemented. He would know the target is too hard. A well-veiled psychotic will just attack. He will think he has it under control. Having a trained agent in these circumstances will not only keep the Realtor safe, but will also take the stress away so he/she can just focus on the job.

I hope this helps differentiate the difference between good general practices and the reality of why having a Plain Clothes Armed Security Escort with you is an ideal choice.

There is actually more cost involved with the buddy system, martial arts lessons, (to an effective and proficient level) all of the tools and gadgets, then with hiring someone who is already expertly equipped to eliminate potential danger.

In care and safety,

Allen Banks